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Fri Aug 7 15:44:22 BST 2015

OpenTRV Receives Angel Funding

OpenTRV is pleased to announce this month the first tranche of an angel funding round from Anglia Community Eye Service Limited ("ACES") to help OpenTRV manufacture an initial production run primarily for trials and optionally some direct consumer sales this winter.

OpenTRV's mission with its smart energy-saving radiator valves is two-fold:
 * To cut carbon emissions at scale and thus reduce the impact of climate change.
 * To improve health for those otherwise finding adequate home heating too expensive.

ACES' funding accelerates OpenTRV's efforts to achieve both of these social goals.


ACES, founded in 2007, is an independent provider of an NHS Eye Service where patients are able to receive eye care in the community from Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons. Our aim is to provide ophthalmic care of the highest standards in a community setting that is convenient and comfortable for our patients.

The Anglia Community Eye Service (ACES) developed initially in Wisbech was the collaboration of two established local Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Mr Neil Johnson and Mr Cliff Jakeman with four local GP Practices; Clarkson, North Brink, Parson Drove and Trinity Surgeries. ACES has evolved and currently has outreach clinics held at Bretton, Fakenham, March, Thetford and Whittlesey.


OpenTRV, started as a project in 2013, is here to tackle climate change, and also health issues connected with fuel poverty. OpenTRV has developed an open-source simple-to-use user-fittable smart thermostatic radiator valve to as much as halve waste in UK domestic space heating, knock GBP5bn per year off our collective home gas bills (10% off the UK's entire footprint, 8% EU-wide), or GBP300 per household per year, for around GBP100 to GBP150 per house.

For those whose heating is limited by money OpenTRV aims increase that they get for what they can afford, improving their health, and saving the NHS as much as GBP250 per person per year trying to fix the consequences of cold and damp.

OpenTRV was founded by two experienced hardware-to-Web techies with a mission to cut carbon, Damon Hart-Davis and Mark Hill.

Contact: opentrv at opentrv.org.uk
Web: http://opentrv.org.uk

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