[OpenTRV-dev] Introduction

Mon Apr 1 08:48:36 BST 2013

Hi Guys,

I've just joined the group and thought I'd better introduce myself...

The following text which I sent to Damon probably covers that:

The reason for my contacting you is that I've recently been looking for 
a way to better control my central heating system; specifically, I was 
looking for a way to add zones without extra plumbing, and controlling 
the existing TRVs more intelligently seemed the obvious way of achieving 
this. Nothing commercially available really provides a complete 
solution, so I was considering developing something to control the 
valves wirelessly.

Having read a little about your project it appears to address exactly 
what I would like to achieve myself, and, rather than re-invent the 
wheel, I thought I'd introduce myself and see if there's anything I can 

Electronics and computing has been a hobby for me for as long as I can 
remember. I've held an amateur radio licence since the age of 17 and 
graduated from Essex university with a B.Eng in electronics in 1992. 
Since then, I've been working as a software developer for the mobile 
communications test and measurement industry in various areas from 
embedded systems implementing soft radios and protocol stacks to windows 
applications in C++ and C#.

Electronics continues to be a hobby out of work hours and I've recent 
experience of playing with PIC and AVR based systems and the Raspberry Pi.

Most recent projects are an AVR-based temperature controller for my home 
brewery and a combined DAC and preamp for my Hi-Fi, also controlled by 
an AVR.


Kevin Wood

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