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Mon Apr 1 13:20:37 BST 2013


regarding the open energy system, i had to copy off their system since it did not support my heat meter.

i started out with onboard serial but i decided against it, major reason is that it takes up to much space, you need a 2nd iso connector to program it. What i did in the end was a FTDI connector and a FTDI programming cable, the usb plug has the chip built in.

also in this way it allowed me a 5*5 cm board. 

i can make a zip and send it to you all if interested. it should be ready for pcb fab put waiting for mike to get an extra set of eyes on it


Den 01/04/2013 kl. 12.10 skrev Stuart Poulton:

>> So, the question here, in my mind, is what is the power overhead of having a USB interface as "dead weight" in the AVR as opposed to perhaps an FTDI chip that's only powered from the USB bus when connected?
> I know you can get the ATMEGA32U4 (same chip as a lenoardo) down to 0.04mA
>>> Unfortunately all three radio modules now seem to be end of life.
>> Hmm. will have to keep an eye out for an alternative.
> Some details about the EOL of some RFM products here 
> http://blog.homelabs.org.uk/rfm12b-end-of-life/
>> 1) AVR with built-in USB
>> 2) AVR with USB-to-Serial chip
>> 3) AVR only, and use a cable containing a USB-to-Serial chip
>> Option 1 being preferable, IMHO, especially as it opens up the possibility to do more with the USB interface. Maybe a PC application to program the schedule on the device, for example?
>> I've heard the AVRs with built-in USB can be a pain during development, though, because the USB interface goes down every time you reset the CPU after a download. This is the reason devices like the UNO have a separate CPU to provide the USB link, so both of your modules sound useful, perhaps at different stages in the development.
> I've been thinking about this, USB adds to the cost of a chip, yet allows for more configurability, I think I'm moving toward a model where USB and RF are used, so USB + Power for those TRV's where it's possible to cable, RF + Battery for those where cabling isn't possible.
> Stuart
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