[OpenTRV-dev] V0.2-Arduino: getting started

Mon Apr 1 16:47:35 BST 2013

> One thing not being considered here is value to OEMs.  I thought one of the key reasons for choosing a permissive license rather than something like GPL was to encourage manufacturers to use the project in their own products, encouraging interoperability.  If this is the case then there has to be a reference hardware design that is absolute lowest cost.
> Using a hobbyist platform is likely to be off-putting as well, I therefore think that vanilla AVR is a good compromise, especially since the three of us here with AVR experience all prefer to work bare-metal anyway.  There is then nothing stopping us from doing a super-set reference platform with a more capacious AVR and the Arduino bootloader pre-loaded.

Not sure I understand the reasoning behind this. why NOT develop around the AVR (Arduino) platform. 

It instantly opens up a larger hobbyist audience. Again personal choice, but I'll be going down the arduino IDE route. 


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