[OpenTRV-dev] XAP

Thu Apr 4 10:05:54 BST 2013

> are we planning for this this to be maintained right down to the TRV
> itself or  to have a gateway device that provides a bridge between an
> efficient binary wireless protocol at the TRV and open protocols over
> other interfaces to the outside world? A gateway could, of course,
> implemented on a more capable platform, or, at least, on a microcontroller
> that has less tight power, memory and cost constraints than a TRV node.

I'd hope that we'd allow some simple cases where (say) a MQTT binary frame composed at an OpenTRV component (eg temperature measurement) could be wrapped in UDP (eg by the Arduino IP stack) to travel across a LAN, and possibly then pass over a VPN tunnel to a remote monitoring service (such as Bruno's), untouched by a 'gateway'.  A user's current Internet modem/router would quietly do much of the heavy lifting in this case.

In other cases I'd expect a gateway to interpret and transform any incoming lightweight (MQTT or raw) frames from OpenTRV components and provide any application-level transformations needed.

Basically I'd like the simplest-possible system to remain very simple (but reasonably intrinsically secure) so that more capable uCs might just about be able to handle smarter comms, but less capable uCs are not excluded from the playground...



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