[OpenTRV-dev] EnOcean

Thu Apr 4 12:37:16 BST 2013

Very good.

I didn't know about this at all.

At the very least maybe we should aim to be interoperable with it in as many places as possible to enable use of their hardware in place of some or all elements of our reference chain from valve to boiler.

I'm on a roof again so may need to wait until this evening to browse thoroughly!



On 4 Apr 2013, at 12:21, Thomas Hood wrote:

> I have just been looking more closely at EnOcean. I hadn't realized that there are already hundreds of EnOcean home automation products on the market, including wireless TRVs, occupancy sensors and pretty much everything else one would need to automate one's home heating (except an OpenTherm boiler controller, but I have a workaround for that).
>     http://www.enocean-alliance.org/en/products/
>     http://www.enocean-alliance.org/en/products/thermokon_easysens-sab02-valve/
>     http://www.enocean-alliance.org/en/products/alphaeos_actuator_alphadrive/
>     http://www.enocean-alliance.org/en/products/telefunken_radiator-actuator-drive/
>     http://www.enocean-alliance.org/en/products/telefunken_occupancy-sensor/
> Has anyone already investigated the EnOcean ecosystem?
>    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EnOcean
> The technology seems ideal. I am only a bit unclear on the licensing. There is an "EnOcean alliance" with a .org TLD and scores of members. The protocol seems to be an ISO standard and it's already supported by free software (FHEM). Is there any obstacle to our adopting it for our free/libre and open source hardware?
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