[OpenTRV-dev] EnOcean

Thu Apr 4 13:16:47 BST 2013

> I think the key with ANY product is being able to identify UK / EU
> pricing and availability.

Let me Google that for you.  ;)

* Alphaone

Has its own webshop: http://www.shop.meinalpha.com/unsere-produkte

Their valve actuator costs 69EUR.

* Telefunken

Found here: http://www.ehomeportal.de/Funk-System-EnOcean/Telefunken-Joonior/Heizungsregler/Heizkoerperstellantrieb-JOONIOR-EnOcean.htm?shop=shop&SessionId=&a=article&ProdNr=TF-EPHA50A000&t=5440&c=5559&p=5559

Valve actuator costs 110EUR. Motion sensor costs 129EUR.

* Thermokon

Found here: http://www.greenelectric.eu/SAB02-Wireless-valve-actuator

The valve actuator costs 139EUR. The motion sensor costs 249EUR. Pricy!

* Eurotronic

Hard to find their stuff. Conrad only sells the Eurotronic Comet. Couldn't find the Stella F (which is also described as a wireless-controlled actuator) which is too bad because it supposedly has a sensor and microcontroller built in,
making it (almost?) a TRV.

* Other findings

Seems you can control this EnOcean gear from a commercial central control unit or from FHEM using a USB dongle costing 53EUR.



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