[OpenTRV-dev] Update and Reading Frequency

Wed Apr 10 07:46:44 BST 2013

It depends on the cost of powering up, initialising the temp sensor, etc., but I think 30s may be too frequent most of the time. If the temp is 'much' too low or high then it could probably be on the order of 2-3mins: it's not going to change that quickly. Similarly, when you're at steady state. When heating to reach a temperature 30s samples\transmissions might be appropriate to avoid a huge overshoot, I'm not sure. I'd say we should sample before the temperature could reasonably be expected to change by more than 0.5 or 0.25 degrees.

I'm a fan of a fixed, powered, always-listening central hub: in that case you can transmit updates at 'random' intervals (whenever the temp changes 'enough'). The thermostat could choose not to power up the wireless and send an update every time it takes a measurement.

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>Hi All,
>I'd be interested on people thoughts, obviously with battery powered wireless devices tranmissions need to be kept to a minimum. What do people think about sampling frequency from wireless temperature sensors, and similarly how frequently should a TRV head request updates ?
>I'm currently thinking about ~30 seconds for each.
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