[OpenTRV-dev] What else do i need

Wed Apr 10 14:08:07 BST 2013

On 10/04/13 12:15, Mike Stirling wrote:
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>> There are lots of options out there. And if we get it right
>> communication should be transport agnostic.
> One of the reasons I was asking Ciseco about a CC430-based SRF. This would allow for a much more portable code base, e.g. with proper board abstraction the same code could target AVR + CC1101 or self-contained CC430. In the past I've found SDCC (for targeting the CC1110's 8051) pretty good, but not quite so portable.
> Mike

I'm of the opinion at this point that 'life is too short' adopting SRF + 
LLAP simplifies, and at the same time we're supporting a UK industry. 
Certainly thats where I'm putting my eggs.


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