[OpenTRV-dev] Possible TRV classification system

Wed Apr 10 18:12:08 BST 2013


While doing some other stuff today I had this thought:

I note a lot of discussion as to whether individuals would like a central management interface that (for example) they could control via the Internet or a smartphone, and people who'd like maximum autonomy of smartness and no computer interface (while maybe retaining boiler interlock), so I think that some scale on the lines below may be useful to help rank such systems:

    0 No TRV: just mechanical flow restriction or similar

    1 Dumb mechanical TRV: no schedule, no boiler interlock (call for heat)

    2 Programmable TRV with time/temperature schedule, no boiler interlock
      (including wireless TRVs with in-room controller w/ no interlock)

    3 Autonomous TRV optionally with local schedule, with boiler interlock
      (or equivalent local heating system such as per-room heat-pump)

    4 TRV controlled by central node, with boiler interlock (or equiv)

    5 TRV system with central node bridged into HA and optionally Internet
      or other external remote interaction (eg SMS) and interlock/equiv

    6 As above but with ability to respond to weather forecasts,
      dynamic energy pricing (eg smart meters) and interlock/equiv

Note that each level potentially achieves higher energy and money savings, but is not necessarily "better" in other regards from users' viewpoint.



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