[OpenTRV-dev] Bootloader stuggles!

Tue Apr 16 11:36:36 BST 2013

I've had fun and games with serial ports on the internal RC oscillators
before on some AVRs due to the (in)accuracy of the clock. It's not too bad
if there are spaces between bursts of characters so the UART can re-sync
but, if you're blasting data at it continuously, bear in mind that it can
go out of sync eventually. Maybe now the baud rate is lower that's what's

Might be better from a point of view of removing barriers to people
playing with the code if they don't have to first mess about with a
non-standard boot loader? Just depends what the cost is in power

Certainly, it ought to be straightforward to make any OpenTRV source code
agnostic to the clock speed to keep that option open.


> For a laugh have a look at:
> http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,160647.0.html
> I suspect that I have to build a specific bootloader .hex file set for
> 1MHz and 9600 (or 4800, just to be super PICAXE compatible!) baud serial.
> Not sure how to do that yet.
> May give up for the moment and do the 8MHz version (RC internal osc, but
> no divider) to at least flex some other muscles!
> Rgds
> Damon
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