[OpenTRV-dev] Headaches with SVN

Sat Mar 16 18:38:30 GMT 2013

Lo and behold we have another corruption event!

SVN is usually rock solid.

(As an experiment could you build yourself a local SVN repo on your machine, check 'em into that, and if it blows up we know where the blame lies I guess?  Else maybe mail them to me and I can try that.)

Maybe just keep your files on github for now and remove them from SVN and replace them with a placeholder with URL(s).

I don't know if Mike's Redmine can host SVN or SVN's too old-fashioned for him/Redmine to bear.

I'm not quite ready to learn git in anger yet, though I do hope to very soon.  And as I say I *appear* to have problems getting git for me, but that may be illusory.

I can in principle host SVN but would have to manually manage access, and my SheevaPlug's SD memory card may give out if we're all beating it up.

All suggestions welcome.



On 16 Mar 2013, at 18:30, Bruno Girin wrote:

> Damon,
> I don't know what's wrong with SVN on SourceForge but it regularly loses
> some of my SCAD files that I then have to re-add. I suspect it's related
> to the corruption problem but it doesn't fill me with confidence. So I
> just committed files again making sure they all have an empty line at
> the end: let's see if we have another corruption issue.
> Cheers,
> Bruno

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