[OpenTRV-dev] Just got back from the London Arduino event...

Wed Mar 20 07:38:06 GMT 2013

On 20/03/13 00:14, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
> Spoke to Mr Margolis about getting the bootloader into blank ATmegas, running off 2xAA NiMH, etc.
> Maybe using the ATmega as in the Leonardo is best, with the integrated USB (avoiding at least 2 external packages).  Also, a clip on device for the SMD part is available allowing another Arduino to force the bootloader into the blank ATmega in situ on the board, which thereafter allows the USB to be used for reprogramming or normal serial in the normal way.
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ATMega's arn't hard. There's this nice little well documented 6 pin 
connector that allows programming. You can even use an existing ardunino 
should you wish to program using this port. Be aware that the USB 
integrated AVR's 32u4 might not be the golden bullet. For battery 
operation you need to make sure that you turn off EVERYTHING that isn't 
needed, this included the USB.

Lots of people doing battery powered ATmega stuff. Just a case of making 
the right choices as you go.


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