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Wed Mar 20 10:57:49 GMT 2013

Mike wrote: *

*"As I have mentioned before, I want to develop a properly documented, open
protocol for home automation/sensor projects that could be handled by both
RFM2xB and RFM12B (maybe others).  Security is a key requirement for me,
and I have already done some work on doing AES256 on an AVR to determine
feasibility - it seems ok.  Simplicity is also important - if a full
implementation will fit in a 16K 8-bit MCU then I would be happy."*

Sounds amazing!

I'm not sure if Damon has mentioned this but I should quickly introduce
myself (I'll explain why this is relevant to the current discussion)...

I'm a computer science PhD student at Imperial (unfortunately this doesn't
mean I'm a coding ninja!  Far from it!)  I'm co-supervising two MSc
individual projects on "smart heating controls".  These projects will run
from early June until early Sept.  Both students are excellent.  One of the
students (Shubhangi) is interested in using machine learning to predict
room and house occupancy (to automate heating schedules).  The other
student, Sokratis, is interested in lower-level stuff and has mentioned
that he is really interested in building a general purpose home automation
/ sensor protocol.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying that, if you want to, you should
discuss your ideas for a home automation / sensor protocol with Sokratis
because this stuff might be right up his street.  I'm seeing Sokratis later
today so I'll discuss with him and get back to you (unless you're reading
this, Sokratis?! In which case feel free to jump in, of course!).
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