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Wed Mar 20 17:42:42 GMT 2013

Thomas, take a look at the mail archive to get a feel for where we are.

I know max! Is a different processor to those commonly in use in the
hobbyist method.
On 20 Mar 2013 16:41, "Thomas Hood" <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> We want open radio-programmable TRVs (RPTRVs).
> Easiest would be if such a thing were already on the market. I take it we
> aren't so lucky.
> Next easiest would be if there existed a RPTRV on the market with
> acceptable hardware on which we could install our own free software, just
> as one does with a PC. To what extent has this possibility been
> investigated? Can the MAX! or the Living Connect valves be hacked?
> Next easiest would be if there were an OEM supplier of RPTRVs that would
> build to our specifications. Given the number of minor RPTRVs out there, it
> wouldn't surprise me if there were a Chinese factory pumping out RPTRV
> innards.
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