[OpenTRV-dev] Feedback Mechanisms.

Fri Mar 22 23:16:52 GMT 2013

On 22/03/13 21:10, Jack Kelly wrote:
> > What I don't want in any unit that I use... is a UI so complex that
> it remains untouched
> Certainly agree.  I had in mind quite a simple UI.  Just a "twistable"
> thing on top of the TRV for increasing / decreasing temps (or just an
> "up" and a "down" button).  And two buttons: "advance" and "boost"
> (which are concepts most users will be familiar with from central
> heating controls) (although, of course, a huge proportion of people
> never even bother to touch their CH controls).  No need even for a
> menu button.  All config and scheduling could be done from a laptop /
> phone (which makes life easier for both developers and users).

In terms of controls, a very nice and simple twistable one is the one on
the controller unit on my 3D printer:

With just 3 gestures (turn clockwise, anticlockwise, push) and a small
LCD it can completely control the printer including starting a print,
adjusting the target temp of the nozzle, etc.

I love rotary encoders because they are very intuitive to use, they
allow you to adjust settings quickly (it's quicker to turn the knob a
few clicks than press repeatedly on a button) and they don't cost a


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