[OpenTRV-dev] Feedback Mechanisms.

Mon Mar 25 09:40:31 GMT 2013

The OpenHR20 project aims to replicate the functioning of the TRV, and I 
believe includes PID control, I've not looked at the code in any detail 


On 25/03/13 09:38, Mike Stirling wrote:
> Re: overshoot and learning.
> One way of tuning a control system is to apply an impulse or step to the system and measure the response. Assuming PID control, it would be interesting to see whether optimal tuning parameters could be obtained using this method; fully opening the radiator from cold and measuring the room temperature over time. Possible problems here would be the slow nature of the system and the number of external factors (doors/windows being opened, objects being relocated within the room). A correctly tuned PID loop should achieve fast response with no overshoot.
> I wonder if the Honeywell replacement firmware project does this? Anyone familiar with it?
> Mike

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