[OpenTRV-dev] An Introduction to the Group

Thu Mar 28 10:53:53 GMT 2013

Hi There,

Firstly I'm Paul Smith, Damon has given me access to the group.

I am keen to help where i can, this would the first project i get
involved in. I have an basic understanding of Ken Boak's nanodes as i
have several of them, I also use XAP Floor plan for controlling the
boiler and hot water system. I can do basic programming once i have an
understanding of how things come together. I can solder up projects
and have a basic understanding of electronics.

I have several Rpi's using owfs to give me temps of the boiler flow
and returns and DHW tank.

I'd like to get individual control over each rad as this would greatly
improve our homes heating. I'm not looking for local control as the
heating system is already web based.

I have two of Ken Wimin kits with RFM12bs  and one host module which i
haven't built yet so if they can be of use i'm happy to put them
forward for the teams use. I can build them first of course.

What can i do to help.



Paul Smith

Your Local Computer Specialist, Supporting Your Business When You Need It Most

We also now do Portable Appliance Testing, if you would like to know
more please drop us a line.

Tel:-  0845 009 6226

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