[OpenTRV-dev] Anatomy of a TRV

Thu Mar 28 12:03:00 GMT 2013

Sorry for being so quiet, had to help a friend setup a new domain for his work…

one thing i think we need to make clear is that if we are going after a one-in-all unit.. i.e. controller and valve in same unit or if we are going for a valve and then a nice stylish box located else where in the room… 

like me i just got the valve from conrad… it only have a display thats show how much open it is.. no controls etc… if it does not get a command on a reg basis it will go for 30% open and beep once an hour… i will still consider that a dumb valve and not a TRV as such.

what i understand by try is the control unit that send commands to the valve. the 2 can either be a wireless valve with battery's and a box powered by either battery or a wall plug thing… or it could be a complete wired setup. (last thing would work for me since boiler and control will be in same closet.

as for detecting if room is in use…. i would go for 2 options… either ultrasound as it will detect just the tiny'ist movement.. or a push  button you press when you enter and again when you leave… that is if you use the room un a unscheduled event…. if you enter at approx the same times 3 days in a row the schedule could automatic be changed to take in account… if you then change behavior 2 quick press's could tell to change schedule… if doing the same 3 days in a row same deal….


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