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Sun Oct 13 13:25:52 BST 2013

of course...

just throwing off ideas.... no fee attached...

anyway out for a few hours...

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From: Damon Hart-Davis
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All decent ideas but I'd like to give Mark a chance to ruminate and see what 
he thinks from a slightly more detached position than us.

I do like the public Google calendar idea, on which we can mark the 
predicted date for imposition of world government by the OpenTRV cabal, for 
example!  B^>



On 13 Oct 2013, at 13:00, Bo Herrmannsen wrote:

> some of the new guys talked about a site spec for trv and DD1....
> i was thinking on it....
> should it be a kind of blog site? a bit like wordpress etc?
> and while at that thought why not create a google calendar for TRV/DD1 so 
> we can show people whats going on and at the same time have one common 
> calendar for all of us so we better can plan when to do bug fixing etc?
> what i had in mind is that one common calendar... and then for starters i 
> will add my own calendar on top of that one with view only rights... which 
> mean that you can  see what i do and when, of course i can mark stuff in 
> my calendar as private and in those cases you will only see i'm not 
> availble...
> that would at least in my view allow us to plan when to hunt a bug... or 
> you could add a task to me and i will only have to approve.... and i guess 
> we some clever way can tweak in the time table...
> let me know what you think
> /bo

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