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Sun Oct 20 21:13:36 BST 2013

for difference between usb or batteries....

if we choose battery we might cover hole for usb with a 0.5mm material thickness so users can revert to usb if wanted/needed

and if battery add space next to board so there is space for a battery holder that can take 2 or 3 AA’s

just a thought

of course for sub that battery space might not be needed.... 

and if we need space for SSR it should be approx same space as 3 AA’s


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That's fine. I have a DD1 PCB. I'll check Bo's PDF to see if I have enough info in there. What I suggest we do then is that I create the box as per the dimensions in the PDF and as soon as we have a real PCB, we do a test print. As you saw last time, it is really easy to iterate if we need to change something.

The one thing I may not be able to work out from the PDF is the variation between versions (e.g. USB vs batteries) but I can still start and we can validate the design once we have the first PCB.

In this case, when would be a good deadline for you to have a first version? Bearing in mind that I have lots of evening events this week, I may struggle to have anything ready before the weekend: would that work?


On 20 October 2013 20:47, Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

  Hi Bruno,

  (Mark: could you help manage the detailed logistics of this box + PCB mechanicals/fab part?)

  We can't put one of the real new REV1 PCBs in your hands for at least 3 weeks.  And there will be the Bo and PMS variants which will probably be slightly different in various parameters unless we are super-careful.

  We do need to try to have the box as near ready as possible by the time we do have the PCBs so that we can assemble complete units without delay.

  However, if Bo can confirm that the REV1 size, shape and mounting-hole locations are exactly as per DD1, then I think you may already have one of those (or I can give you one).

  We can probably assume for now that component height on the SMD side is no worse than the DD1 populated board too, and there is only the FDTI connector, AVR (possibly socketed), LED and LDR (IIRC) above the board.

  The micro USB is below the board if used, I believe.

  We'll need to deal with buttons.  We don't have to use the Maplin ones and could try to find shallower devices to minimise case volume. (At a pinch for future revisions we could consider side acting ones mounted on the PCB for example.)

  Maybe if we get you an accurate series of high-red PNGs you could work from them for micro USB cutout placement, etc?

  I'm happy to try to do a box design session on whatever terms suit you.



  On 20 Oct 2013, at 20:18, Bruno Girin wrote:

  > On 20 October 2013 19:35, Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:
  >   * BOM and how to deal with LDR, LED, AVR, RFM23, reg (link?)?
  >   * Batteries vs USB supply count?
  >   * ENIG finish
  >   * Preallocation of initial runs to users and DHD R&D bench
  >   * Run numbers (20 iTEAD/Bo, 30 PMS)?
  >   * Box OpenSCAD/STL including fudge factors for 'overprint'.
  > Fudge factor won't be too difficult. I'll do that sometime during the week. For the box, the best way would be to have a box design session with a real PCB and a pair of callipers.
  >   * AVR/RFM RX code
  >   * Power-on-self-test code suitable for Bo and PMS to use also.
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