[OpenTRV-dev] Web interface to boiler controller

Wed Oct 30 21:27:01 GMT 2013

I thought you might be interested in my V1 prototype of my domestic heat 
controller. The web interface is up on the picaxe forum, the rest of the 
system may follow when I'm happy with it:


It isn't ideal as the technology has been obsoleted by Rev-Ed, but I'm 
sure there is a substitute web server to be found out there, though they 
may not be as simple as this one.  At least it works as a proof of concept.

It gives me (well, will give, still installing and ran out of RJ45 
plugs) ipad control of the flow and return temp, taking account of the 
external temp and the ideal set points to maximise boiler efficiency and 
minimise wasted heat. Control is simply by intecepting the boiler demand 
signal from the room thermostat.  I have three FHT8 sets, controlling 7 
rads, with scope for another 16 rads if it works out.

The missing information is reception of the boiler demand from the soft 
zones, and web updating of zone setpoints (i.e. broadly what you are 
doing).  So if it interests you we could discuss the possibilities in 
due course.


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