[OpenTRV-dev] Kits from Wuthering Bytes

Thu Aug 21 14:33:35 BST 2014

Hi all

Just to confirm a couple of things as I put the kits together (direct
curses at me for missing bits etc.) but didn't have time to do an
information sheet:

There's documentation on how to use the device on the site in a PDF file


It's the REV2 one you're looking for.

The cut of code is very recent so unless something went wrong with the
burning, it should work according to the documentation. You are free to
reflash at any time via the boot loader.

It's really worthwhile to get the FTDI cable up and running, if not
essential if you want to do anything at this stage.

Lastly, there are some outstanding things to do to further the project
along so if anyone is getting familiar with the system and keen enough, and
wants to volunteer some time (hardware or software), then shout out on this
list (or just do it anyway!).

Regards, Mark
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