[OpenTRV-dev] SSR box ventilation

Fri Jan 3 06:45:43 GMT 2014

thumbs up from here.

would add that maybe you could put one of those preventer things in front of the hole for the 5v wires in the corner... of course you would have to route the wires arround, but a child could insert moms knitting pin....

 i know as i did insert one in a 230V outlet as a little boy.... it was in the days before it became law that the outlets has to have a device that prevents insert in one hole alone.... ie you have to insert in both holes at same time and at right angle... if i remember correct the pin you insert has to be a minimum... ie 2 sewing needles would not work...

Den 03/01/2014 kl. 01.18 skrev Bruno Girin:

> Hi all,
> I experimented a bit with ventilation on the SSR box in a way that would prevent the insertion of external objects into the box via the slits. You'll find an STL file attached. Comments welcome.
> Cheers,
> Bruno
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