[OpenTRV-dev] rev2 followup... kind of

Sun Jan 19 17:49:42 GMT 2014

On 19 Jan 2014, at 13:11, Bo Herrmannsen <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi all
> Just wanted to hear how the board looks as it is for now?
> and where to place ds18b20 and led plus ldr ?

Had a frustrating weekend with malfunctioning laptop and now must put together several units for install tomorrow, so haven’t looked.

Note that you only need pads at most for the DS18B20 as I imagine that the main use will be off board such as for your DHW.

LDR should be at left near the switches, etc, unless there’s an obvious spot on the right amongst all the other fun there.

Will need to consult with Bruno re LED positioning, but my instinct would be to put it as near the top centre of the board as possible so that it’s above the big red button and not obstructed by a big bad finger when finger is pressing button.  Is that possible?

> can we do without the extra TH's for experimenting? we have plenty of spare boards left for that... and they do take space etc etc

We don’t have time to do a testing round for DS620 I suspect, so if at all possible TMP112 and DS620 should both be on.  Pads at most for the 18B20, but omit entirely if you really have to.

> att damon
> how does it go with adding ds18b20 on rev1 ? tina is mumbling about the 3 rads we have left are like a volcano... its the only 3 we can open so they have to give heat for the whole flat....
> and i have 2 boards i can fit ds18b20 to... and hotwater cylinder of course

I have had no time to look at DS18B20 (or DS620) code yet, at all, sorry.

Maybe we can scrape a couple more PICAXE systems together for you in the very short term?



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