[OpenTRV-dev] OT: oscommerce order printer

Tue Jan 21 13:07:25 GMT 2014

Hi all

I write to 2 lists to get a bit of help

I have promissed a local pizza delivery to make an order printer based on the arduino uno and a serial attached thermal printe

I have discovered i have taken a bigger bite than i can chew

the idea is a uno with ethernet shield that calls a page that will list any pending orders

if there no pending it should just try again in 30 sec or so.... if there is one then sound buzzer and print

then set that order to processsing and check for new pending orders

every 12 or 24 hours or whatever number that fits set all processing to done

that is just the first stage to get it working

i have a google doc here with more details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mw_z8P6OUrgJm1WWwuNXChCKMNeN7WOHtNYnlFrpMl8/edit

thou the google doc is for the final version

anyone able to help? and if so what would it cost me? timeframe for this fist stage is 1-2 weeks


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