[OpenTRV-dev] The Commercial offerings......

Mon Mar 3 12:06:18 GMT 2014

Stuart Poulton wrote:
> this is what Honeywell are now offering

I think that Honeywell has done a good job with Evohome. It is now the
best system available. As such, a premium price can be charged for it.

Bring on the competition!

Philip Canavan wrote:
> if you can run it isolated with bidirectional comms and control to the zones via a public API, and it does non-binary boiler control, then I'd be very tempted

It does all of the above (including OpenTherm boiler control) except
that there is no public API (though there has been some reverse
engineering done on the protocol). Note that the Internet connectivity
is optional, as is not the case with ELV MAX! for example.

> (although maybe not for a thousand quid!)

Indeed. At least in my case it is too expensive to pay for itself via
heating cost savings.

Stuart Poulton wrote:
> To be fair, I don't think the valve looks any more bulky than the other offerings out there.

I have a couple of flat-front-panel design radiators installed in
niches where there is only 90mm of space beside the rad for the TRV.
The only commercially available valve head that I know of that fits in
there is the FHT8V. So that is one shortcoming of Evohome.

Bruno Girin wrote:
> Their command console is ugly

I don't find it ugly. Matter of taste, I guess.

P.S. I recently updated the wiki pages covering the commercially
available systems: http://sourceforge.net/p/opentrv/wiki/TRV

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