[OpenTRV-dev] REV2 PCBs and boxes

Mon Mar 17 14:33:11 GMT 2014


40 REV2 PCBs arrived today.  I have fitted three of them into sample boxes provided by #TVRRUG’s crack team for QA.

Amazingly, all basically seems to work as designed.  How did that happen?  B^|>

I had three useful instant items of UI feedback:

1) A red button makes the unit look like an alarm and too visually attention-grabbing; for real production maybe white or black (and even a slightly smaller size) would maybe be better.

2) Move the pot to the top or the front.

3) Give the pot a dial (eg maybe with numbers on it) like a normal thermostat that people are already used to.

I’ve been ordering bolts and boiler-control relays and still have battery holders and clips and fasteners to do.  I live in a fast-paced thrill-a-minute world...

Thank you all that got us this far today!  Fabulous team effort.



PS. We can always do the red-button variant as a ‘special’ with a built-in klaxon!

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