[OpenTRV-dev] Hatching product plans in my head for this coming winter...

Fri Mar 21 14:46:40 GMT 2014

Given observations in a few houses now I just create the following JIRA story:

	• TODO-211
Make hub box direct physical replacement for 2-wire 230V mech thermostat

Build a box which will serve as a physical replacement for standard wall thermostat.

Assume no power socket likely to hand (often in a hall for example), so will ideally be parasitically powered from the sense voltage.

Probably little or no UI (maybe just the LED). Also, as may be floating at mains voltage extra care would be needed for any buttons etc.

So the parasitic power shouldn’t be too hard (I’ve done something like it in the past) and it only needs ~100mW to keep a radio receiver running.

If we do have any UI on the hub, and it isn’t managing a local valve, maybe it could be modified to handle house-wide party/holiday mode buttons.

Also, conceivably, this could be knitted into dynamic demand type stuff to help the grid by turning off the boiler for a short while when the grid’s having a bad moment.



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