[OpenTRV-dev] My Export from Heating Company 6

Thu Mar 27 20:53:13 GMT 2014


Its hard to say,

before i fitted openTV on the rads it think the increased flow about outweigh the saved consumed energy...

on the rads i deff think it saved as i have dropped room temp 5 degrees, then add that i now adjust to the temp in the room and not next to the rad where the old thermostats where

the tricky part with the export i done is that its only updated every 3 months and its only once i year the final bill comes in, the quarterly bill is just an rough estimate based on last years total

so i will have to go and compare bills longer back o wait until next year....

but if there is an easy way to reduce the flow it will be a welcome feature.... and i think it will bring more savings on the hotwater part... and a small bit on the rads.... winter was almost over when i got the rads included

Den 27/03/2014 kl. 21.35 skrev Damon Hart-Davis:

> Hi Bo,
> So I’m now not clear: has OpenTRV saved energy and/or money and/or flow on the DHW?
> With the heating, simply turning it down from 25C to 20C will make an enormous difference, OpenTRV or not!
> Rgds
> Damon
> On 27 Mar 2014, at 19:37, Bo Herrmannsen <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:
>> Also a bit less flow... so it starts to make sense, but still compared to the years before
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