[OpenTRV-dev] Sanity check please

Fri May 9 16:04:38 BST 2014


Preparing a quick REV3 board with RFM69CW and photodiode in place of LDR for RoHS reasons:


While I have modified my breadboard and it seems to work some things are puzzling me that may indicate that I’m too stupid for this work!

1) I expected to have to use a series resistor of ~4k7 to get 1.1V across it with 100lx illumination of the phototransistor, instead 100k seems to be giving me that 1.1V in a bright room.  (Cannot find all the bits of my lux meter!)  I am assuming that this phototransistor is best treated as a current source, not a variable resistor for example.

2) I am taking the short leg to be the cathode as for a (3mm) LED, but the datasheet labels the short leg as C which I’d take to be the collector and thus +ve for an NPN.  Uh?  In general I assume that using an LED Egale part will give a board assembler all the right clues if I can do it correctly.

3) What would be a good circuit symbol tp replace ‘LDR’?  PT, D, ?



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