[OpenTRV-dev] [OpenTRV-interest] Storage heating, dynamic demand, and OpenTRV

Sun Sep 7 17:05:36 BST 2014

Oki, nice to know that i do get some points

PV is solar electric right?

But yes a heat pump can also get my vote... i just did not think of it

i could only see one downside with a heat pump, you have to adjust its use
of electricity dynamic so that the export is 0... so if you produce 1000W
it should run the heatpump up to that... if you then turn on a 500W kettle
it should adjust downwards.... can heatpumps be made to run that way?

2014-09-07 17:50 GMT+02:00 Stuart Poulton <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN>:

> Bo,
> Actually, you’re not too far off the mark.
> The thing you’re looking for is a thermal store, this can be used to
> provide both hot water, and water for heating typically it works better
> with underfloor as this requires a lower delta, radiators work best with a
> 40-50c above the room temperature.
> With modern heat pumps, using solar PV, and a heat pump gets you more hot
> water for your kWh.
> Cheers
> Stuart
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