[OpenTRV-dev] [OpenTRV-interest] Storage heating, dynamic demand, and OpenTRV

Mon Sep 8 11:17:37 BST 2014

Your thought experiment does highlight a major issue with variable
renewable energy sources. Having worked in wind energy it quickly became
obvious that there needs to be suitable hardware between the generator and
the grid for load balancing. The generating unit needs to appear to the
grid as a source that can respond to demand fluctuations. Off grid systems
normally require banks of batteries, which seems to be sensible for
grid-connected systems also. Otherwise in the middle of the day all the
south-facing PV arrays are generating loads of power that's just not


On 8 September 2014 11:00, Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi,
> The key thing I’m aiming for here is short-term controllability to balance
> second-by-second flows in/out of the house, plus storage to carry that
> energy to a more useful time.
> Thus an electric storage heater rather than a normal one.
> Your DHW idea is in principle fine if done right, but storage in water
> isn’t plausible for everyone.
> Anyhow, only a thought experiment, so good to thrash it out!
> Rgds
> Damon
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