[OpenTRV-dev] M2M chatter and Launchpad

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Wed Apr 29 19:12:43 BST 2015


It’s all starting!

Today we received a loan Iridium satellite transceiver from Rock7.com, and had a long chat with IBM and Microchip about LoRa (multi-kilometre ISM-band IoT-friendly radio).  You might guess that these are for the IoT Launchpad applications rather than to get a call for heat from radiator to boiler, but I’m hoping that the right pluggable architecture will cover all of these cases with minimal code bloat, etc...

More here:



I’m going to try to get a basic network architecture diagram up this evening for everyone to poke holes in, which also works to address some of the security issues.  Sleep is for other people, apparently.



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