[OpenTRV-dev] RX improvements

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Tue Aug 18 09:55:42 BST 2015


The radio code has now been substantially re-written to cope better in busy RF environments such as the target EnergyDeck office target space; not finished, but better.

In particular it has interrupt driven handling of RX events, with ISR-side filtering and queueing of inbound frames.

This seems to have eliminated receiver overruns in my live environment, with about 8 transmitters.

Maybe Gary G might feel brave enough to take a fork/copy of the relevant mainline code as of today and see if it has improved from his point of view?  B^>

201508170-16WW freeze of OpenTRV in GitHub (https://github.com/DamonHD/OpenTRV/releases/tag/20150817-16WW) with V0.8 of the OTRadioLink (and V0.3 of OTProtocolCC).



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