[OpenTRV-dev] [OpenTRV-interest] Poor reception at OpenTRV hub from OpenTRV

Sun Mar 22 15:34:01 GMT 2015


Thanks again for the feedback.

0) Some loss is expected and the system is designed to coast through a missed frame if need be.

1) Make sure that you’re on a reasonably recent code snapshot; I did make some significant improvements relatively recently.

2) I probably need to up-end the RX code to be interrupt driven and probably a few other changes to help hub reliability.  The problem gets worse with more nodes shouting over one another, though I have ~10 getting along reasonably well at the moment, including a couple outside.



> On 22 Mar 2015, at 13:15, EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN wrote:
> Hi All,
> My system has been experiencing frequent periods of poor RF communication between its (1) OpenTRV and OpenTRV hub positioned ~4m apart in adjoining rooms. The adjoining wall is plastered solid single brick. Both OpenTRV's are powered. This is not a recent situation. I have tried other locations and ranges (~2-4m) with no significant change in outcome.
> I cannot say I have ever experienced fantastic reception for extended periods of time.
> If useful I can probably make logs available.
> Note: "?DROPPED stats" assessment may be highly optimistic for frequently missed receptions.
> Regards Gary
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