[OpenTRV-dev] Blockchain for anti-tamper and non-repudiatiot of valuable IoT data

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Wed Sep 23 18:51:22 BST 2015


In the case of (legally) important IoT data, such as food store temperatures, in Launchpad we’d like to be able to posit some mechanisms to make it hard to tamper with or repudiate the data in the sensor and all the way to the data store and afterwards.

(Such entries might be a unique sensor ID, timestamp, temperature and some other sensor data and metadata, generated every few minutes by (say) 1–100 devices in a building.)

In a chat with Viv today (helping us with out business plan, but also a blockchain whiz) the possibility of using a blockchain mechanism to provide at least these two features in the long-term data store came up.

We’ve thought of some pros and cons, but I’m very interested in the views of our hive mind here!



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