[OpenTRV-dev] Radio Conundrum

Stuart Poulton stuart at poulton.org.uk
Tue Aug 9 13:09:50 BST 2016


Talk to the wirelessthings guys ?

Other than that the only thing I can thing of is Xbee.


On 09/08/16 12:44, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
> Hi Y’All,
> We’re still pondering the dilemma of how to deal with radio, if at all, for the crowdfunded TRV2 this autumn.
> We almost certainly do not have the time or money to CE certify our radio stuff if we are going to be able to ship at the turn of the year, so we’d like a module that has its own cert, that we can just plug in, and that we can plug alternatives to in too (eg homebrew RFMxx), and that we can fit code for into our AVR, and that will fit phsyically into our valve body and run off 2xAA.
> https://opentrv.atlassian.net/browse/TODO-958
> We can use our I2CEXT connector on our PCB if we are prepared to build a daughter-board adaptor for example.
> Any more ideas?
> Rgds
> Damon
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