[OpenTRV-dev] Radio Conundrum

Kevin Wood kevin at the-wood-family.com
Tue Aug 9 13:59:10 BST 2016

Hi All,

The problem I see is that CE marking applies to finished products so
unless the RF module is in itself a "finished product" rather than a
component part, its' conformity is of no relevance other than as a
confidence booster once it has been incorporated into a larger product.

If one could find something that is a finished product (for the sake of
argument, say, a CE marked USB dongle containing an RF module and an
antenna) and plug it into a TRV, then the RF aspect of demonstrating CE
compliance might be alleviated, but whatever it "plugs into" needs its'
own compliance if it is to be put on the market.


> Hi,
>> On 9 Aug 2016, at 13:09, Stuart Poulton <stuart at poulton.org.uk> wrote:
>> Damon,
>> Talk to the wirelessthings guys ?
> I believe that Deniz was looking at their stuff.
>> Other than that the only thing I can thing of is Xbee.
> That is I think the best that we found so far, see the JIRA comments, but
> even that is only really a choice of one as I understood it.  But if I’m
> wrong, please tell me how!
> https://opentrv.atlassian.net/browse/TODO-958
> Thanks!
> Damon
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