[OpenTRV-dev] Comments please! FAQ (and wiki), forum and shop

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Fri Dec 16 09:55:48 GMT 2016

Looks good.

Some sort of scale drawing of the radbot itself would be good (or
failing that just basic physical dimensions).

Also re:

"Screws on to your existing radiator valve with a M30x1.5 screw thread
(check that yours is compatible before ordering)."

I think this might put people off because doubt is a de-motivator ("Will
it fit?  Oh no - what if it doesn't fit, I'll have to send it back!).

Perhaps linking from the shop page to a wiki page with compatibility
guide would be good (even just a blank page would be fine to start off
with - but would be good to know how to determine if you've got an
M30x1.5 valve body, just using a ruler for instance).
Came across these:



... might be worth pointing people at them, or something similar if they
haven't got an M30x1.5 (probably that should just go in the wiki page).



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