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Joseph Heenan joseph at heenan.me.uk
Thu Dec 22 09:33:07 GMT 2016

> On 20 Dec 2016, at 18:32, Stuart Poulton <stuart at poulton.org.uk> wrote:
> Pricing as follows (most items currently out of stock I suspect until payment details have been finalised)
> boost button not working £40
> radio not working £40
> paint marks or scratched £45
> pot luck ‘problem’ £30
> Boiler controller £42
> Stats hub £32

I realise we're in early stages, not a full production run, these are dev releases etc - but It is just me that's a little surprised at this pricing?

I'd understood the aim was to hit £10 for a brand new valve at retail, so £45 for non-perfect presumably un-waranteed unit seems quite a long way from that, and actually more expensive than (say) the evohome valve. I guess there's still an argument there that the OpenTRV's light sensor will produce a bigger saving than the evohome (and open source is a good thing, albeit not something I think many end-users will care much about), though arguably the evohome has some nice features that OpenTRV is [currently] missing, like full 2 ways comms.

Is the original £10 per valve that was talked about still considered realistic?



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