[OpenTRV-dev] radio protocol

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Fri Dec 23 21:45:24 GMT 2016


The default frame format contains a leading binary byte for a boiler controller to use, followed by JSON (7-bit compact) for arbitrary stats, AES-GCM authenticated and encrypted.

See secure ‘O’ format here:


Other (binary) encodings are available but not currently used.



> On 23 Dec 2016, at 18:25, Joseph Heenan <joseph at heenan.me.uk> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Confused and/or surprised by something I'd read so want to check if I've got the wrong end of the stick; can someone confirm whether the radio protocol for OpenTRV is uncompressed json in ASCII/similar 8 bit encoding?
> Cheers,
> Joseph
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