[OpenTRV-dev] Opinions please!

Damon Hart-Davis damon at opentrv.uk
Wed Jan 24 10:55:59 UTC 2018

Hi Peeps!

I’m after some opinions - can you folks spare me any?  B^>

(Preferably in the first instance to me by email before you’ve seen anyone else’s responses, then post to and or discuss here on the list…)

We have been discussing for some time what the label for a boost button should be like, eg should it be just text, or just icon, or text and icon.  (And bearing in mind that Brexit or no Brexit we still aim to get OpenTRV/Radbot to the wider European market, so what language should any text be?)

So I thought I’d ask you!

Please have a look at:


and tell me (as above, I suggest) which are the top three you’d like if it were your TRVs, and/or which you think a non-STEM normal busy human would find most obvious and clear?



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