[OpenTRV-interest] Tinkering kit / battery powered board

Tue May 20 19:37:15 BST 2014

Today I purchased a plastic box from Maplin, cut some holes in it, and put
one of my 2 OpenTRV controller boards inside. It's powered from a battery
caddy similar to that mentioned by Damon in an earlier e-mail.

As far as I can tell, it's working as intended. There are a series of
flashes from the red LED when I make the battery connection (boot up
flashes), and there are also flashes when I press buttons.

I've looked over the user guide.

Q1. Now I have one board is connected to my PC semi-permanently, uncased.
And one board in a black plastic case, with battery power. To what extent
will the occupancy / light sensor fail in the cased board? (I don't even
know what the light sensor is; is it the thing marked "LDR"?

Now that I have a Conrad valve attached to a radiator, and having worked
our way through the pairing issue that I mailed about yesterday, I can see
data from the Conrad actuator in my console. Stuff like:

1146:30:73 FHT8V TX
1148:26:73 FHT8V TX
However, I don't see anything from the battery powered board being received
and spewed out to the console.


Q2. Should I see anything from the battery powered board being received and
spewed out to the console?

I think I can figure out from the user guide how to send messages to the
Conrad valve to get it to open (I just need to set the controller mode and
temperature knob to appropriate settings, right?); however the user guide
says that the temperature knob goes up to around 23 degrees and currently
my Oregon sensor reports 24.5 degrees.

Uh, maybe here's another question.

Q3. How many devices are "paired"? Previously I paired the Contrad actuator
with board #1 (connected to PC); and I set the House Code on that board
(manually). Should I follow a procedure to pair controller #2, and / or set
its House Code?

(The board that is connected to the PC is currently flashing about once
every 2 seconds. User Guide states "Essentially the more flashes and the
more often the flashes, the more the room will be heated". But the Conrad
Valve is still at 0%. It's been like this for some time; should I be seeing
something on the Conrad vale (other than "0%")?
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