[OpenTRV-interest] Frankenvalve brainstorming

Fri Jan 9 22:05:40 GMT 2015

I don't know about you, but the basic hardware at under £10 is a bargain. 

The hardest part is going to be the fitting - doing every one of 30 odd radiators is going to make draining the system a good idea! Once fitted, software and outer hardware are a snap to fiddle with by comparison. 

I can 3D print a new case if need be at small cost. I can swap the 'motherboard' or whatever quite easily. I can update firmware with no issue. But I really don't want to swap the valve hardware ever again. 

Oh, while I think about it, any chance of a firmware update hardware switch of some form? Like press the button then you have 3 hours to push an update before it disables it forever - until you press the button again?

That would give you time enough and avoid getting hacked.


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</div>On 09/01/15 17:13, Nigel wrote:
> The other option, to re map a different valve, would kind of cease
> this project, & would also mean being stuck with all their issues and
> design flaws. Plus of they add DRM or something it could turn out bad.
> Behind arrested for breaking the DMCA for your radiator valves would suck.

I'm really only considering this as a stop-gap until cheap OpenTRV
hardware is available, and any design changes from the manufacturer will
always cause problems when adapting 3rd party hardware (whether
replacing their electronics or not).  No DMCA in the UK AFAIK (and the
EU laws only prohibit circumvention for the purpose of copyright violation).

They could lock down the firmware using signing etc. but that's going to
make their life more difficult...

Until you have cost-effective hardware available, you limit (seriously)
your developer community.  Until you have a good sized developer
community it makes it difficult to make cost-effective hardware. 
Chicken-egg problem.

There are other solutions to it of course, but it's worth considering IMO.

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