[OpenTRV-interest] Frequent non-communication periods between hub and its valve

Sun Mar 22 09:32:00 GMT 2015

My OpenTRV system is suffering frequent and significant periods (hours) of unsuccesful communication between OpenTRV (hub) and its valve though only ~1m apart.

Resettimg OpenTRV resolves the issue thus not a basic RF problem but some kind of behaviour problem. After working for some considerable time (hours) problem seems to resurface. Otherwise no discernible pattern.

I have tried other positions radially and range (further away) for hub with no significant change in this behaviour.

RF goes through combinations of air, armchair, person, possibly corner of radiator but succeeds/fails in all combinations.

Any ideas?

NB One other OpenTRV in operation, typically infrost mode.

Regards Gary
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