[OpenTRV-interest] Question from Steve R

Stuart Poulton stuart at poulton.org.uk
Sun Nov 22 14:11:07 GMT 2015

> The target price for a single OpenTRV valve, and no more should be needed to get started, is £10 retail.  A typical whole house target price including boiler control is £100—£150 and should save up to £300 per year from your gas bill (and the carbon that we care about).


Any idea on when we might be able to get all in one units to start tinkering with ?

> I would ideally like a servo and arduino nano + small wifi like the ESP8266, say in a 3D printed case (I don't have a 3D printer - yet). Making it about the size of a typical TRV.


I don’t believe ESP8266 lends itself to battery applications, indeed wifi is too heavyweight from a power, and protocol stand point.



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