[OpenTRV-interest] Question from Steve R

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Sun Nov 22 18:06:19 GMT 2015

> On 22 Nov 2015, at 14:11, Stuart Poulton <stuart at poulton.org.uk> wrote:
>> The target price for a single OpenTRV valve, and no more should be needed to get started, is £10 retail.  A typical whole house target price including boiler control is £100—£150 and should save up to £300 per year from your gas bill (and the carbon that we care about).
> Damon, 
> Any idea on when we might be able to get all in one units to start tinkering with ?

We might be able to sell you an “engineering sample” (no safety test or CE stamp) for ~£60 from our all-too-small pool of devices from January, realistically.



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