[OpenTRV-interest] Any update to kickstarter

Stuart Poulton stuart at poulton.org.uk
Fri Nov 25 14:58:04 GMT 2016

> The intention is to get a valve to talk to a statistics gathering device that can be connected to your own Pi, and some way of programming both. Plus a way to control your boiler, and also be able to program that. Program meaning, load in the code from Github.

Like the idea of the above, sound like where things should be for a developer program. Although a single valve isn’t going to get much by in from the rest of the family! Any indication of price, and is there any appetite for a whole house deployment ?

> Workshops are likely to be in London (January) and Brussels (beginning of Feb, FOSDEM), although a "less polished" workshop, perhaps more a build-it-yourself day, in London in December could be a way to avoid Christmas post and get kit into hands before Christmas.

Sadly that’s a no from me, getting to London whilst relatively easy these days, just isn’t justifiable from a cost / time perspective.

Thanks for the update though.


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