[OpenTRV-interest] getting hands on some valves

Kairos kairosmedia at swissmail.org
Mon Nov 28 05:25:57 GMT 2016

At 20:20 27/11/2016, you wrote:
>Jason Pearce <jason at pearce.org.uk> wrote: > I would need 7 (unless you no longer need a central thermostat with this solution, in which I would need 8) You want 8 then. The basic idea is that a single thermostat is actually very poor at controlling the system. 

I have been following this project for some time and I would like to get hold of one unit for testing. In particular I want to find out:

-- How resilient the TRV is to wifi congestion/outage?
-- How reliable are the mechanical components. 
-- How easy to integrate into a custom control system (say one based on an RPi).
-- What exactly "open" in "OpenTRV" means..

I'll be happy to pay for one, and will naturally submit any findings to whomever for their development work..

It isn't clear to me whether simply sending this email constitutes a resuest for a unit, or if there is a more formal request system...



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